The first time went to Croydon i saw lights, skyscrapers and a lot of people. But the one I did not expect homeless people but that is what I saw the most.The word poverty is a big issue. Homelessness is one of the big issues we have in our beloved country. There are over 3500 […]

In this essay i will be explaining how Ron Suskind uses various language techniques to show the difficulty in part 1 and part 2 .Cedric goes through many difficulties when in Ballou high and M.I.T such as receiving abuse from other students, struggling with work at M.I.T and violence throughout the articles Suskind uses various […]

In this essay I will be answering the question of how have the emcees we have studied criticze the ‘REEL’,in order for you to understand my essay I now have to explain what the REEL is. The REEL is a concept created by MK Asante to explain why much hip hop is generic. According to […]

Mick jenkins target of satire is a stereotypical idea of what it is to be black Irony is when you point out contradiction Satire= is when you use irony to make a point The word hanging is significant in the song because it mean chilling or it can mean lynching. The picture helps the satire […]

Hip hop artist today do not keep it real because they all chat about how they all get girl and they have money and expensive cars

It was a sunny day in the endz of Thornton heath where boys get stabbed,robbed or beaten to the point that they give everything to the abuser and they say the words that every abuser wants to hear I’M SORRY. On the 23rd of may there was somthing big happening It was peter birthday he […]

It was A sunny Tuesday in the endz of Thornton heath foyin said to one of his gees “yo im going to nigeria